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Don't worry Mike. I don't think too many folks will be moving into our cul-de-sac ;-) Jay Van De Velde Seal Beach,CA

Mike Schmidt <> wrote:Chuck,

I am both delighted and disappointed about this article being published. Delighted that the attention it brings to the KOF builders, and in a publication whose readership has a net worth many times that of mine.

Disappointed that the Confente brand name is being outed to these same readers which potentially makes it that more difficult for me to acquire a Confente. Imagine, there are now 135 people that disagree with me however as their investment in a Confente, just got goosed.

How much of a bump will depend on if the collectors market is hard or soft?

Well, I enjoyed reading the article and thank you for sharing.

Mike Schmidt who is still hurtin from a night with the boyz from the
(B.V.V.W) hood.
Stirling, NJ

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