Re: [CR]Gold Chains ??

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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 09:56:23 +0100
From: "Martin Appel" <>
To: Donald Gillies <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Gold Chains ??
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Donald Gillies schrieb:
> The only gold / brass chains I know of that that are still made are
> 9-speed models from Wippermann and KMC. Will these jam between the
> rings of nuovo record (or sugino maxy) crankset ??

While modern type trivetrains are very vulnerable to compatibility issues, i found this never to be true for the cooperation of chains and cranks. I am aware that manufacturers tell you smething different, but in my experience one can mix cranksets dsigned for 6-speed or 7-speed drivetrains with even a 10-speed chain. I use a Shimano 9-speed chain and a suntour superbe pro crankset on my everyday training ride and never encountered any jams. I ride this bike occasionally very hard, including front gearshifts under load, etc. So i'd say, give it a try.

Martin Appel
Munich, Germany