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Subject: [CR] Re: Wheelbuilding
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 17:04:32 -0800
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From: "KO Kevin" <kko@ci.springfield.or.us>
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KO Kevin wrote:
> I always build so that the spokes cross at the rim seam. With 32 holes
> this makes it necessary to cross the valve hole. Crossing the valve
> hole is just a slight inconvenience, while I feel that crossing the seam
> is correct and makes for a better build.

I'm dying to know why.

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The way I learned decades ago was that crossing the seam keeps the seam pulled together, and was especially important on old Super Champion rims. Now this may be a myth, but since crossing the valve is only a slight (if any) inconvenience, I have always crossed the seam on 32-hole builds.