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To add to this discussion, I have a DeRosa Merckx, as follows:

Orange frame

Foil "Eddy Merckx" label on down tube, yellow on blue with WC bands at ends, covering a slightly smaller and similar foil label also with WC colors under (visible only at seam).

Other transfers, in descending order on seat tube:: Columbus; Tour de France; picture of Eddy in diamond shape foil transfer bordered by WC colors, and this label covers a transfer underneath, peeking out just slightly [smaller version of same decal is on front of head tube]; giro d'italia.

brev. derosa transfers on top of both chainstays

de ROsa stamped into top of both seat stay crowns, in-painted yellow

fork crowns chrome, outlined hearts on each top, in-painted yellow. Long, painted, inner fork crown lug tangs have three circles cut out and in-painted yellow.

heart cutouts on top of down tube/head tube lug, bottom of BB/down tube lug, rear of BB/seat tube lug, all in-painted yellow, and of course large heart cut through bottom of bottom bracket.

Only number visible on frame is a stamped "4" middle and toward rear of BB. Steerer tube is stamped "13"

Again, I would appreciate any insights here.

This bike was supplied by Merckx to a top rider.

Jonathan Agnew

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> <<
> I replied directly to Jimmy that the Japanese issue of Bicycle Club magazine
> that features the Campagnolo history (available from Jitensha Studio for
> $25)
> has a DeRosa built Merckx featured in the back. It is a silver bike of
> approximately 57-59 cm and has a very lovely outlined heart on the top of
> the flat
> fork crown, denoting that DeRosa built this particular bike. >>
> Neat! That would be an EXTREMELY rare bike (and therefore highly
> collectible...)
> Being the devil's advocate here, could it not also mean that a DeRosa
> engraved crown was used, perhaps early in the process of Merckx building?
> With DeRosa
> carting up boxes of components to Belgium to start things off, it is not
> inconceivable that "box number 4" of 250 fork crowns contained a few
> engraved
> crowns. Does this absolutely prove that it was made in the DeRosa workshop?
> BTW,
> most all of the early Merckx Belgium frames had an Italian threaded bb.
> What I would ideally wish for in this circumstance is someone or some piece
> of literature to confirm that DeRosa ever made frames in Milan labeled
> Merckx,
> for resale.
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC