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In 1972 RIH and Cové bicycle factory fused and became RIH. The company is located in Venlo.

The racing bike division however separated and became independent and ownership is taken over by Willem van der Kaaij ex apprentice of the founders and frame builders, Joop and Willem Bustraan under the name RIH-SPORT.

Their address is RIH-SPORT Westerstraat 150 - 1015 MP Amsterdam. They still make traditional lugged steel racing frames. Their production is about 100 a year

Hope this makes the situation more clear.

Rob Vermeer

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>I am a bit confused about your reference to RIH being in Amsterdam. I have
> a RIH lugged steel transportation bicycle with a 7 speed Nexus internal hub
> that served as the basis for my Ukraine bicycles. I visited their factory
> in Venlo in the south of Holland in 2002. They helped me a lot in finding
> suppliers for specialized transportation components and samples of frame
> parts to be made. To keep up with modern economic pressures, they now
> import aluminum frames from China. I am ignorant of their history but
> wonder how the factory in Venlo - which now only has transportation bicycles
> in its catalog - is related to Amsterdam.
> Doug Fattic
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> Gerrit rides a RIH bicycle. RIH still exists 84 years later and is still
> made in Amsterdam on the same location by Willem van der Kaaij ex apprentice
> (he was 11 years old when started to work and was witness of Schulte's world
> championship) of the original owners and frame builders brothers Bustraan.
> Their history is crowned by a total of 63 world champions and olympic gold
> winners. Not even Bianchi can beat this number. Their only product now is
> steel frames to measure.
> Regards,
> Rob Vermeer
> Aruba
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