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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 05:17:28 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: [CR]The finishing touch - Photos ?
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"Who cares" - other than the original bike assembler, You, Chuck, I and likely, a few others. : )

While up front stating the I think those ends are neat looking and a coup de grais I wouldn't mind having, I cannot say that such an item is indicative of painstaking attention to detail. I am inclined to think the cable ends were not bike specific but general cable end technology or transfer from another application using cables. I recall devices of that design for use on the control linkage of the motorised, balsa wood airplanes we, as kids, flew. Larger similar devices were on auto carburettor linkage.

My curiosity about the photo for size is to determine if available from a supplier - general industrial, specialty industrial, hobby...

For attention to finishing touch, I recall Schwinns - 60-70's? - having vinyl covered crimp ends so what one saw was a miniscule, not deformed, plastic cylinder. Don't know if this was Scwhinn, Weinmann or Dia-Compe spec'.

I apologise is a redundant post but, no indication if message to me was on or off list.


Richard Cielec Chicago, Illlinois

"Thomas L. Hayes" <> wrote: Richard,

What I find interesting about these is that it demonstrates the kind of painstaking detail earlier component manufacturers were will to do. I mean, when you consider it, who really cares what the end of wires look like as long as they don't fray.

Talk to you.



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> Ahoy !
> Any photos in perspective for size of these? I can certainly imagine the function but, what size are they ?
> Thanks.
> Richard Cielec
> Chicago, Illinois
> Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> Tom Hayes wrote:
> >
> > Perhaps, others could inform me on this, I was taking apart a sixties bike, when I noticed that the end caps for the brake cables were round with a set-screw in them to secure each end cap to the cable. Has anyone seen these before, and does anyone know who made them?
> >
> > They came on a set of Weinmann brakes.
> If you mean the small nickel plated cylinders, drilled from one end, and
> with large set screw sticking out of the side... found them in various
> local Southern California bike shops over the years in their dusty bins.
> No markings and no packaging. You'd have to find them in a supply
> catalog I'd guess to tell who made them?
> They're on a couple of my fifties bikes but I don't know if they have
> any connection to Weinmann or not.
> Chuck Schmidt
> South Pasadena, Southern California
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