RE: [CR]Need help with paint and parts list for a 1972 raleighcompetition

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Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2005 15:37:44 -0500
From: <>
To: (marc garcia),
Subject: RE: [CR]Need help with paint and parts list for a 1972 raleighcompetition


I suspect the tubes were developing some surface rust which resulted in the red paint application. If it is spray can job you might be able to remove it with lacquer thinner. Anything stonger would remove what was underneath too! I think strip and repaint would be my choice. This is my favorite year for the Competition with the cool Cappella lugs (I would have guessed 1973?).

Try Westleys white wall cleaner on the Carlton hoods - I have had good luck with that. Nice International too!!

Paul Raley Too many Raleighs in Leonardtown MD

marc garcia <> wrote:
>I picked up this 72 competition frame:
>I thought the price for the frame was fair so i
>decided to pick it up despite the fact some one got
>the bright ideaa to paint the top, down, and part of
>the seat tubes red. It apears what is left of the
>original paint is in very good condition especially
>the gold pinstriping. I think I'm going to try to
>avoid doing a complete repaint and try to preserve the
>original paint that is left. I figure I have two
>possible options for this: 1. repaint the red tubes
>black. If I do this is there any way to avoid having
>the shiny repainted parts stick out like a sore thumb?
>If after I repaint the red tubes and gave the entire
>frame a clear coat would that help
>2. I've asked the seller if it looks like the red
>paint  was put over the original black but he hasn't
>gotten back to me yet. If the red did go over the
>black are there any paint strippers out there that
>could be used to remove one paint layer at a time?
>I was also hoping that someone could tell me what
>parts this frame would have had originally. I'm
>assuming it would have had a zeus crankset to go with
>the zeus bb still on the frame. I'm also assuming
>weinmann CPs were original.
>I haven't decided yet if I'm going to build it up
>original. I'm tempted to build it up using some campy
>SR parts, would that be terribly offensive?
>I also picked up this 74 International that is so
>cherry I am going to bring it back to original shape:
>I've got a pair of carlton hoods for it but they're a
>bit grimey, can I bleach these some how without
>damaging them?
>thanks for all your help,
>marc garcia
>chicago IL

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