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Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 12:04:44 -0800
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Here's a link to photo's of various Huret derailleurs. Looks like pulleys from other models may work. If you're not particular about pulleys, one from an old SunTour should work. I think you'll have to replace the front.


John Siemsen SLO, California

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I'm in the process of cleaning up a 1975 Raleigh Competition. This bike has been ridden very little but, unfortunately, I've run into problems with the Jubilee derailleurs. The rear has a piece of plastic broken off the upper toothed pulley wheel. What other Huret derailleurs, besides Jubilee, would use this pulley? I'd like to repair this derailleur, as it is in almost NOS condition. But I do not want to spend big money on a Jubilee derailleur just to get a pulley. I was hoping that Huret's lesser models might use this same pulley. Any options?

Also, the front derailleur has a broken mounting band. The casting was fractured when I took it off the seat tube. Unfortunately, it is the side that includes the derailleur body so I'm pretty sure I'm screwed on that one. I'll probably have to buy a replacement. If anyone has some Jubilee spare parts of which they would like to rid themselves, please contact me off-list.

George Allen Lexington, Ky USA

John Siemsen San Luis Obispo, CA