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Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 20:30:43 +0000

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No I disagree. The 60 mph was a heck of a lot more impressive especially in the small chain ring :)

On another similar note, I have been trying to find the last half of "Tracks of Glory" for some time now. This is the story of Marshall (Major) Taylor's racing career in Australia. I acquired the first half from the Major Taylor society but they never offered the second part. Well I got it this week on cable TV and now I have both halves on video. I intent to bring it to Cirque for anyone interested in viewing, that is assuming that my room has a video machine.

Ray Homiski Elizabeth, NJ

I remember at the time of the film Breaking Away, the rider that actually rode in that scene (was it George Mount perhaps? I can't recall right now...) was somewhat apologetic in an interview about it, because he "only" went 58 mph during filming....!
Greg Parker
Dexter, Michigan