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Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 15:59:48 -0500
Subject: RE: [CR]WTB Weinmann 700cc rims

Original Message: ----------------- From: Doug Smith Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 20:35:19 -0000 To: Subject: [CR]WTB Weinmann 700cc rims

"I may be wrong but I would guess the type of rims you seek at 36 holes

and the size 700cc will probably be unattainable. The concave rims of

this maker I suggest would only be at 40 x 32 holes and they were in 27"size. Apart from these particular Weinmann rims being concave they

had brass eyelets and the clincher beaded sides"

Nope, Doug... they existed and were quite common at least on this si de of the pond being standard issue for the Raleigh Competition GS (c. 1978-83 ): 700c, 36-holes, eyelets and clinchers. The Comp GS is, to my knowledge, unknown in the UK, I think its closest UK cousin was the Clubman series.

But the Competitions has Campy GS components, Weinmann sidepulls and those

Weinmann rims.

Peter Kohler Washington DC USA

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