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Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 10:03:30 -0500
From: "SCutshall" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]CR: Email scams
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>Last night I posted a few items on the Rendezvous website. Within two hours I
>had two responses which were patently fraudulent. check this out:
>Hello Charles Carr,
>Thanks for your fast response,The price of the Simplex steel badged seatpost
>is ok by me.What type of payment will you take for the Simplex steel badged
>seatpost?Because I have a client who's owing a total of $5,541 for a Cancalled
>Order and wants to issue me a Check,But due to the reason that I needed the
>Simplex steel badged seatpost and needs it for my family consumption,
> One good point though...

The last time I consumed a Simplex seatpost it was delicious... of course, I roasted it with fresh herbs and assorted root vegetables.

Not so sure about the family part though... the seatpost I had only fed one and was really an appetizer at that.

-Scott Cutshall JC, NJ

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