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Subject line says it all. A e-bay seller misrepresented a set of these rims and I received a 36 hole and a 40 hole rim. I need two 36 hole rims to get my Raleigh Super Tourer on the road. Excellent to NOS condition preferred. WITH spoke hole grommets. Thank you.

Jay Sexton

I may be wrong but I would guess the type of rims you seek at 36 holes and the size 700cc will probably be unattainable. The concave rims of this maker I suggest would only be at 40 x 32 holes and they were in 27"size. Apart from these particular Weinmann rims being concave they had brass eyelets and the clincher beaded sides

Correct me if my theory is wrong , but if I'm not it might save you a long anxious wait for something not available!

Good Luck Doug Smith North Dorset UK >>


I can supply a few pair. I think mine don't have eyelets. 700cx 36h Sillver. When they are gone they are gone. $48.00 USD each NOS.

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