Re: [CR]Re: seatpost horror

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Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 07:11:51 -0600
From: "John Thompson" <>
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: seatpost horror
References: <BAY101-DAV13CCBF68E8407D067CC874AB430@phx.gbl>

Dan Christopherson wrote:
> Removing and brazing in a new seat tube should be your
> last choice, even though, contrary to what two other CR
> listers wrote, this frame repair is not terribly difficult (you
> cut out the seat tube, file and ream it out of the bottom
> bracket and seat lug,and braze in a new one).

No need to replace the seat tube. The aluminum will melt long before the brass or silver starts to liquefy. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, so once it reaches its melting point, the whole thing melts, all at once. Position the frame upside-down with the seat tube directly over a metal bucket of water -- you *DON'T* want that blob of molten aluminum to hit the floor and splatter when it goes!

John (
Appleton WI USA