[CR]Was: "Campy NR sealed boxes!" etc Now: staying within the rules....

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Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 01:37:07 EST
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Subject: [CR]Was: "Campy NR sealed boxes!" etc Now: staying within the rules....

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<< King Tut's tomb. >>

Ted: I understand your point and the CR rules are fairly clear on this, I quote: "- The CR list is for enthusiasts to share and appreciate their hobby, conversely it is NOT to be used to maximize the selling prices of vintage bikes or parts. "What is my X worth?" is an unwelcome question. Please refer to online auctions such as eBay for that information."

So David, do you understand where we are coming from on this?

While we are all happy you have made this discovery and are trying to learn about old parts & stuff, your continued reference to "worth" and dollar value makes us feel that you are approaching this in a more mercenary way rather than an appreciation of the parts' intrinsic usefulness or historical place. If the parts and bikes you are describing end up on eBay or For Sale somehow after we educate you, we will feel somewhat betrayed. I think I warned you about this already privately (? My memory sucks!)