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Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 22:39:42 -0800
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy NR sealed boxes! Paramount Pista
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Atta boy, Ted!!!

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena CA

Ted Ernst wrote:
> I'm having a problem with Mr. Snyder's approach to his King Tut's tomb.
> It strikes at the heart and soul of what I perceive the CR to be about.
> I would like to see some others join in the discussion. I'd like to know if
> my thoughts are fair or too critical. If you agree, please throw in your
> support. If you don't, please let me know, I've got thick skin, took lots of
> spills and can deal with it.
> I think if Mr. Snyder wants business advice he should be willing to pay for
> it or at least offer it to the CR list at a buy it now price for a day as a
> reward for his education in how to make money.
> There's no free lunch.
> Or, Mr. Snyder can select one or more mentors from our august group and get
> their advice off list for a finder's fee or crack at a percent of his
> purchases at cost, or whatever for the information he gleans.
> Ripping off D. Brown, S. Brown, S. Maasland, H. Sachs, etc, etc.. of their
> hard earned experience is presumptious at least. If he wants to offer it to
> the list or on the Cycles de Oro for sale column that's one thing. To ask us
> how to merchandise and then how much to sell it for to the world is crass.
> Finding out about all the British history, the Masi details, the French and
> Italian chronologies and variations, the various items for sale on the open
> market in case one missed it, hints on how to anything with bikes. All of
> these things are what I think the CR is supposed to be, and I'm happy to
> impart this type of information as I am able to for free, as do the scores
> of others on this list.
> I think Mr. Snyder is out of ethical and philosophical order, and I hope no
> one answers to his profit at our experience ambitions.
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> Sent: Monday, March 28, 2005 3:48 PM
> Subject: [CR]Campy NR sealed boxes! Paramount Pista
> > Well, I finally made it to the retired bike-builder's storage unit for
> > some more purchases, and this time came away with just wheels and wheel
> > parts. Some rims I had been looking for, and even saw one that is a
> > dual-purpose (made for clinchers OR tubulars!) rim. That I had never heard
> > of, let alone seen.
> >
> > The "big catch" was a new, sealed box of NR hubs. Low flange, 126mm bsc
> > "Mozzi Record Strada -- Flange Piccole". I paid $100 for this item.
> >
> > I already have many used Campy hubs to build with, so I will auction
> > these, but my question is whether to photograph/verify the box's contents.
> > My instinct is to not break the paper band seal, just offer to do so for
> > the winning bidder only at their request. The box, I guess, makes for a
> > nice enough photo.
> >
> > Is the sealed box a real value-adder, or will a buyer likely insist on
> > seeing the contents? I imagine one could probably soak off the glued
> > portion to verify, but then a fraudulent seller could do the same as well.
> > Is an x-ray practical (joking, sort of)?
> >
> > There's also an old, somewhat rusted Campy 3-piece LF front hub built into
> > one of the wheels I didn't buy. Is that something anyone needs? Also a
> > ~1960 British NOS Airlite HF rear hub, 40h iir, would I have any luck
> > finding a mate for that?
> > I think I saw a rear wheel with another 3-piece flip/flop track hub as
> > well, but seller wanted to sell that as a spare with his 56cm Paramount
> > track bike.
> >
> > Oh, about the Paramount!! It's a complete 22" bike, light blue orig
> > paint, Nervex, no chrome. Shows about half of it's age but in VG cond I
> > would say. A spot of rust from a frame pump, and came drilled for a front
> > brake when new (1960 or so). I could make an offer on that bike, I
> > noticed it had a Phil bb and, oh yeah, the lower half of the fork blades
> > are chrome, while the upper half are perfectly round. Parts were a random
> > assemblage but had an NR headset and 27.2 NR post. Would that be worth
> > the ~$650 asking price?
> >
> > Thanks to all who helped ID the needle-bearing bb and gave pointers on
> > selling the CHP pedals, headsets and posts. I'll do my best to un-earth
> > any other remaining regional parts stashes. I have leads!
> >
> > David Snyder
> > Orinda, CA
> > USA