[CR]Absolute hell in Miami

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From: "Bianca Pratorius" <biankita@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:11:45 -0500
Subject: [CR]Absolute hell in Miami

I really enjoyed all the help I got on list and off list from all the knowledgeable members. I was so inspired by all the input on how to remove the SR Campy seatpost from my Gios Torino. When I received the frame the shop had cracked the seatpost, so my problem was to try to work around his mistake. Of course the seatpost broke one inch below the seat lug as soon as I applied any force. All the advise I received was relative to slide hammers, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, tapping from beneath, lye, ammonia, cutting the inside length etc. I was so fascinated with the power of knowledge and know-how over the material world, that I purchased another bike on E-bay, an old steel lugged Allez by Specialized that also had a stuck seatpost. This one, however had the full post sticking out and was tempting at 46.00 USD. For four days I have been sawing 4 cuts in the seatpost of the Gios, soaking in ammonia, trying to pound out the pieces, using Easy Off, using dry ice, and dry ice and heat guns and prayer and sweat and tears. I am not willing to give up because one morning after a vigorous Easy Off soaking I poured out what looked like a large glob of liquid aluminum sludge. This was encouraging and let me to believe that strong lye would maybe melt the whole thing out like a bad stain. What is left is half the thickness of what originally existed down the seat tube, but still firmly glued in four slivers.

Fast forward to last night, when my new Specialized stuck seatposted bike arrived UPS. The seller had cut the post off 1/4 inch above the lug so it would neatly fit in the box! I stripped the bike down to frame, washed all the parts in Simple Green and odorless Mineral Spirts, and everthing came clean and promising. Next I attacked the seatpost stub, sawing it in half down its length. I slapped it in the Park Stand and put a vise grip on what little stub was available, and promptly ripped sections off so that effectively the post only really dwells bellow the seat lug.

I am now thinking that powerful lye can just melt these horrible aluminum hinderances from my frames without any pounding, ginching and forcing. Maybe something in my life is stuck and these seatpost dilemas are just symbolic of my psycho-spiritual status. I want these problems to melt away like the wicked witch of the east.

Looking foward to riding at least one of these bikes soon , I am Garth Libre in Miami Shores.