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Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 22:46:01 -0400
From: "Joe Bender-Zanoni" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Nervar BB
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Pull the axle, let me know the number (117, 121) and I will give you candidate replacements per Sutherland's Handbook.

Nervar cotterless cranks are, to allude to a current movie, "tricky".

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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Subject: [CR]Nervar BB

> Due to a variety of subtle symtoms, I'm convinced that I have a v. slightly
> bent BB spindle. Can anyone tell me what would be a suitable replacement for
> this french as I doubt my local sources will have a Nervar? Should I try and
> just match-up? I'm not sure of the Nervar Model (circa '79) but my
> Sugino/Campy BB tools fit.


> TIA,


> Jack Romans

> Sacramento, CAL