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Subject: Re: [CR] Campy 116 BCD chainrings
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:53:02 +0000

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Does anyone know what the smallest ring made for the Campy 116 BCD bolt circle was? This was used on slightly off-topic Victory and Triomphe, but also on some Grand Sport cranks, which may have been on topic. I believe there may have been a triple version of the 116 BCD Grand Sport. Working out the geometry, and guessing at the distance between chainring bolts, I estimate that this circle should take as small as 34T, but I don't think I've seen these rings smaller than 36T. Anyone know if 34T was made? Does anyone know the date of introduction of the 116 BCD Grand Sport?


Jerry Moos Houston, TX


35 - tooth was the smallest Campagnolo made. They made 35 through 43, and 50 through 53.

The #0305 Grand Sport 116 mm "chainwheel set" is shown in Catalog. No. 18, circa 1984. It's also shown as part of the #279 "Touring group." It came in your choice of 170 mm arm length :-)

It's no longer shown in No. 18bis, circa 1986.

Greg Parker
Dexter, Michigan