[CR]Bob Jackson Mixte Frameset for Sale

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From: "Otis" <otis@otisrecords.com>
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Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 14:24:21 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Bob Jackson Mixte Frameset for Sale

Nice quality vintage (70's?) mixte frame for the tall gal. Seat tube measures 24" from the center of the BB to the TOP of the seat collar. I'm not sure how you measure the TT on these, but a "virtual" measurement of a level line from the center of the seat tube to the center of the head tube (where a traditional top tube would mate) is about 21.5". Rear spacing is 120mm. Bottom bracket shell is French. Fork and rear dropouts are Campagnolo. Fork has Reynolds 531 decals, no tube decal on frame. Wheelsize is 27". Rear brake mounts on both stays. Frame appears to be completely chrome plated under the blue paint. Decals are all very nice. Paint is solid, but lots of little scratches on driveside chain stay (can be covered by chainstay protector), scattered chips on chainstays and seatstays. Chain-suck scratches on driveside chainstay. No rust, dents, etc, nice straight low mileage bike. Includes Campy seat binder bolt. I'm asking $200 shipped to the lower 48. Overseas to be determined. Links to photos:








Thanks, Jon Williams
Grants Pass Oregon