Re: [CR]Duopar insted of Rallye ? Query NOT an argument

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Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 19:23:39 -0500
From: "John Thompson" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Duopar insted of Rallye ? Query NOT an argument
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r cielec wrote:
> This is not intended to incite debate of which is better. This is a
> straight-up inquiry of choosing period correct options.
> Don't wish to mix French and Italian components but, I "don't know
> from nothing" regarding long cage rear mechs. Am I correct in
> thinking the Duopar would be the French long cage alternative to the
> Campag Rallye ? Bikes would most likely be 70-ish to end of time
> line.

The Duopar first came out in the Titanium version in 1978; steel came a few months later. The Ralleye is slightly older than the Duopar, IIRC, but went through at least a couple significant design changes over the course of production.

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