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From: "ternst" <ternst1@cox.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 18:41:26 -0700
Subject: [CR]for sale items

Various and sundry to move along, all prices plus shipping. 1- set Campy 1" pitch chainrings, 23 thru 27 (5), 25 and 26 are NOS, 23,24,27 very slightly used, clean up a little and be hard to tell were used. $150. 1- Suntour NOS-NIB 5-sp gold color cluster, 14/18. $15 1- Suntour NOS-NIB 5-sp gold color cluster, 14/21. $15 1- Campy Croce de Aune rear derailleur, used,
      small minor nicks, VG, clean, shiny. $25 1- Mafac NOS double cable brake lever with NOS double cable. $25 1- set Fiamme NOS 24"-28 hole tubular rims, no ferrules,
      shiny silver, blue rectangular decal, shop dull, little polish
      and will sparkle. $25 1- set NOS Fiamme tubular hard silver rims, double
      ferruled, 700, 28 hole. $30. 1- Huret Jubilee used rear derailleur, VG, missing one
      side travel bolt, good shine. $20 1- set Assos NOS aero rims, 700, 32 hole, dark gray/black,
      includes special 14ga. alloy nipples with washers. $50 1- set Saronni/Detto NOS NIB shoes, #88, size 38 blue
      nylon and black leather uppers,includes cleats, box has
      picture of Saronni in Del Tongo World's jersey, one side
      flap has tear. $30 1- set Detto #74 NOS NIB shoes,size 37, with cleats, blue/
      white/green box.$25 Also have NOS generic Made in Italy shoes, look like Detto, Duegi?, with cleats, no boxes, size 38,46, 46 and 47. $15 each or $50 for all four sets. All cleats are for toe clip and strap pedals. Could trade for '50's and earlier new or used track bike parts, or? Inch pitch era. But outright purchase will do just fine. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA