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I believe the Technomic first appeared on a bike called the Fuji Dynamic10. That would have been about 1974.

I'm not sure it was quite as polished or had quite as long a quill as the current stem. Same look though.

As to the Nitto Pearl, I think it is nearly the finest stem ever made. The stainless steel binder assembly is a work of art. There were two stems above it made by Nitto. One is the no longer made Pearl G that was milled on the side. The other was a prototype I had on my dear departed stolen Redcay. Imagine a Pearl, center drilled up the extension, with great alloy hardware.

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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> I've got a Nitto Pearl stem (very beautiful!) I bought in 1974 -1975. It
> looks quite similar to the Technomic in overall design, but with a
> finish more similar to the Technomic Deluxe satin finish. I don't know
> when the Technomic/Technomic Deluxe models appeared.
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> >Listmembers,
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> >Tom Ward asked about Nitto stems:
> >
> >"....... they have been of casual interest to me on a "keeper of the flame"
> >level--i.e. they are a relatively cool item that is still being manufactured. I
> >have two questions about the Technomic in particular. Does anyone know when
> >(to the year) it appeared, and has the logo (model name) always had the same
> >appearance? In other words, are the ones you can buy now essentially the same as
> >they ever were? A well-known purveyor of parts has it that it's been around
> >"for decades", but that's not very specific. Three decades? Or only two?....."
> >
> >There is a Nitto (not a Technomic) on my 1977 Fuji Newest and it is original
> >(Nitto bar as well).
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