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Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 16:56:05 +0000

I tend to agree with Ray. I like Brookses because my sit bones hold my sensitive bits above teh saddle ridge when the angle's right. All the soft broken-in ones I've seen that "conform to the anatomy" have depressions where the ischials go (guess I COULD try a flat-topped not-leather saddle...). That means the saddle pressure is less focused on the sit bones, and it is going elsewhere, where I know it's gonna hurt. I also like the mid-length width of an Ideale 92 or a B17, rather than the narrowness of a B17N.

I can't see how I'd benefit from a pre-softened or well-broken in leather perch!

Ken Freeman
Ann Arbor, MI

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> I hear this a lot from newbies to Brooks saddles. The best advice I can

\r?\n> give is to get another saddle. No matter how many voodoo things you do to

\r?\n> a saddle that just does not feel right will never make it seem good to

\r?\n> you. Fortunatly I have a built in tolerance for Brooks saddles and can

\r?\n> ride a new or used one for many many miles and never even notice it is

\r?\n> there. Some people have called me a hard ass anyway so perhaps there is

\r?\n> some truth to that. All kidding aside, I never met a person who "broke in"

\r?\n> a Brooks saddle and was then happy with it. Riding it in the rain,

\r?\n> sweating on it, hitting it with a hammer only serves to damage the saddle

\r?\n> not break it in. Personally I like the new feel of a Brooks saddle as it

\r?\n> allows me to slide around during a ride to keep from having pressure on

\r?\n> one spot all during the ride. Now a saddle that I do not get along with is

\r?\n> the Turbo. They just feel like riding on a piece of wood. I'll bet there

\r?\n> are those of you who just love them.


\r?\n> Ray Homiski

\r?\n> Elizabeth, NJ