Re: [CR] 753 vs 531

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From: "Jeremy Rauch" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] 753 vs 531
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 15:29:20 -0400

On Jul 1, 2005, at 1:18 PM, Bingham, Wayne wrote:
> I have three frames built with 753 tubing; '89 Merckx Grand Prix, '85
> Raleigh Team USA, and '84 custom Trek track frame. Only the Raleigh
> sports a 753R sticker. Both the Raleigh and the Trek are currently
> built up with Campy components, the Merckx is not built up, but was my
> primary ride for many years (and many miles), and I used a Cd'A post.
> All are currently in storage due to my shop construction project, so I
> can't go do an in-depth analysis, but I'm pretty confident that all
> use
> 27.2 seat posts.
> How does that fit into the 753 puzzle?

I can't confirm anything save the seat tube size on the Merckx. In a bout of doubt with regard to the seat post currently in my 88/89 Grand Prix, I mailed Gita to see if they knew what size was originally spec'd. They confirmed that it is 27.2, and not 27.4 as I was beginning to believe would be correct. This supposes, of course, that they actually checked the records, as versus going with the assumption that 27.2 is the correct answer for all late 80's (but KOF?!) Merckx frames. They've always been very helpful and quick with an answer, so I don't doubt them.

So either the 753 mystery deepens, or they're mistaken, and I'm in
the market for a 27.4mm
Jeremy Rauch