RE: [CR]classic shop(s) in denver, co?

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Subject: RE: [CR]classic shop(s) in denver, co?
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 14:15:16 -0600
Thread-Topic: [CR]classic shop(s) in denver, co?
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From: "Mazzeo, Daniel" <>
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Live here but am deaf dumb and blind to this one.

Dan Mazzeo Morrison, CO

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hi all-

i am in denver for the day; my first time here and i am really enjoying it. hung out with the local punks yesterday and helped neighborhood folks fix their bikes at the derailleur co-op, drank some fresh breckenridge beer, hung out by a campfire. definitely a nice day.

i seem to recall talk that there is a classic-esque shop in town somewhere, but i cannot find it, nor did anyone here know anything about it.

any suggestions?

dan polito
traveling, US by way of cleveland, oh