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Sorry, Dale.

You know I thought about that rule before posting, but in the end I figured that we saw a lot of bikes at the shop in Aspen in 1974 that were so close to what these pioneers in Marin were doing. They were practical bikes for riding out where some of us needed to go. Mountainbikes as such were not yet in the lexicon, and the originals on which this one is based had Mafac, TA, Huret and Simplex, etc. that I thought, on balance, there would be some interest in the CR group.

Joe Breeze (who made some custom pieces for restorations for me such as a replica of the Legnano's rear brake cable holder where the seatpost bolt is anterior to the seat tube), Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher were early keepers of the flame before they switched religions totally, and I thought this one was a replica from a time before Gary took his vows.

Doing penance,

Ken Wehrenberg, Hermann, MO

On Jul 4, 2005, at 11:47 PM, OROBOYZ@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 7/4/2005 10:27:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> wnwires@htc.net writes:
> << his one is an immaculate reproduction, signed by Gary himself!
> Includes a nice B72 Brooks as well. >>
> Ken and everyone else:
> I am not trying to embarrass Ken but I felt I should make sure y'all
> understand that Mountain bikes are off topic here on the CR list.
> Allow me to quote from the <A
> HREF="http://www.classicrendezvous.com./CR_list_rules.htm">CR list
> rules</A>:
> " - While the CR focus is on the beginning of the Twentieth century to
> 1983,
> a few contemporary, classically made small workshop bikes are
> considered "on
> topic" here (if in doubt, ask the web master first!), but those welded,
> injection molded, or glued modern wonders belong in some other mail
> list. Ditto for
> mountain bikes, recumbents & balloon tired bikes. Those items have
> merit, but
> they just do not belong on the Classic Rendezvous."
> Our friend and fellow CR list member Jeff Archer was talking about
> starting a
> vintage MTB e-list.. Did you do that Jeff?
> He is the proprietor of First Flight Bicycle Shop (and museum!) in
> Statesville, NC and is having a BIG event in a couple of months:
> "...the August 27/28, 2005 Crossroad Bike Festival. Featured
> speakers (so
> far) will include Ross Shafer (former commander-in-chief of Salsa
> Cycles), Paul
> Sadoff (Rock Lobster), Jacquie Phelan and Paul Thomasberg (former
> racer and
> now in the skunk work program for Shimano). I would like to thank Fox
> Racing
> Shocks, Cane Creek Components and Shimano for their generous support
> of the
> event"
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC USA
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