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Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 11:43:23 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: RE: [CR]eBay outing.. 3Rensho 56 cm & other frames (some not on topic!)
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I think this is simply a reflection of the fact that the United States has for two centuries had a unified national market which Europe is only now achieving. It is always easier to ship with familar address conventions and size and weight limits and known rate schedules and receive payment in one's own currency. The US is such a huge market, that sellers here can be "lazy" in this respect and still tap a market they feel is more than adequate. Those in most other nations are more internationally oriented, not because they are "smarter", but simply out of necessity, as they felt the size of their own national markets (before the advent of the EEC then EU) were not adequate to their needs.

I suspect one may have seen a similar thing historically in the British Empire/ Commonwealth in that many goods were more likely to move between UK and Canada, or even Australia, than between UK and the geographically much closer continental Europe.


Jerry Moos Houston, TX

"Ted E. Baer" <> wrote: DALE--THE FOLLOWING IS IN NO WAY RELATED TO YOU; (as I looked at your auctions and it appears you are selling primarily new frames.) And yes, shipping frames abroad is often more work that it's worth............unless you happen to be selling a Rene Herse.

This is merely a follow-up to a subject of "not shipping out of the United States" that David Bilenkey brought up:

I'm always amazed at folks who are selling vintage bicycle parts but who REFUSE to ship outside of the United States. In my opinion, these people are either mentally challenged, do not like money, ..........OR BOTH.

I win all sorts of auctions under my pseudo-ebay name(s) from sellers with the "Freedom Fries" seller mentality. The item is then shipped to the big "blue state" of California, put back up for auction, and promptly shipped overseas.

The irony of it all is that 95% of the time the item that the U.S. seller is offering to the U.S. market ONLY is made either in Italy or France....................

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> Dale,
> Is there a reason you won't ship outside of the
> States?
> David
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> > Seller is "bigring135" (Close friend to cycles de
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> > Items include:
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> > - Filet brazed "Routens ala GT", 54 cm... item #
> 7166071247
> >
> > - 3Rensho SE Export, 56 cm... item #7167524056
> >
> > - Match made( Curt Goodrich, Kurt Pacenti)
> Paramount, 53.5
> > cm... item #
> > 7167315628
> >
> > - Waterford 1200 Reynolds 753, 56 cm... item
> #7167314769
> >
> > and others I dare not mention upon fear of being
> booted ...
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> > Dale Brown
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