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Subject: [CR]Isle of Man
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 16:05:28 -0400
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From: "Silver, Mordecai" <MSilver@iso.com>
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Jerry Moos wrote: "Yes, which I think means that either of my alternatives would be correct except for not technically covering the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. I've heard of Manx cats and Manx sheep, but I must say I'm not aware of any Manx bikes."

But there was an important race on the Isle of Man called the Manx Trophy, which the best continental riders also took part in: http://www.veloarchive.com/races/races.php?raceID=manxtrophy.

In 1965 Anquetil and Merckx came in first and second respectively, the former nearing the end of his career and the latter just beginning.

Mordecai Silver