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Subject: Re: [CR]Re. British Isles Easy Solution
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 18:03:50 +0100
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None of these self-governing countries would consider themselves part of Great Britain, Ireland, the United Kingdom or the Irish Republic. As it has little to do with land mass and a lot to do with their national identity I have to say that to me at least is comparable with the difference between the constituent parts of "America".

Now I could say Texas is not a country divorced from your National Government but I'm sure it would start a flame war or even worse that we are all becoming part of the United Country of GWB anyway, but I wouldn't do that. Plus like Superman I'd have to get used to wearing my pants outside my trousers.

Before Dale throws me out of the Garage, perhaps we would be better challenging the list - from whatever origin - to start filling in the blanks for these individual countries - Isle of Man - Western Samoa - that do not appear to have any cycle production whatsoever - according to the CR list (hard to believe when the bicycle crossed almost all nations) and maybe then it would be more important to give them a national page.

The challenge is on.

Bob Reid Stonehaven Scotland UK

*** CAUTION The use of the word "Superman" in this context refers also to an accepted cycling position. It does however fall outside the CR Timeline, and apoplexy could be induced. ***
> In asking for slack, I was only saying one might overlook the fact
> that "Great Britain & Ireland" or "United Kingdom & Irish Republic"
> may not technically include the Isle of Man and the Channel
> Islands. Hardly comparable to North and South America, more like,
> as I said, American Somoa. I rather like "New World" though. I
> think "New World Cycles" would make a great shop name.