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Subject: Re: [CR]Holdsworth Pro
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 18:18:07 -0400

Was I still sleeping when I typed and sent out my last email?

Reading all the posts since, I must admit I totally forgot about the rivet; that one little detail changes my assessment of this particular frames value - it is no longer a nice original. Had that not been there, I would still stand by my original assessment. Hard to imagine them so plentiful in the UK but they must have been used, abused and scrapped as they are a rare bird on eBay, regardless of country. It took me over three years to find a really clean original one in a usable, but not my preferred size (anyone have a really nice clean original in 57 to trade for my 55?). My experience has been that the orange Pro's turn up only two or three times a year and that's about it. The current bidding is indeed crazy!

Re. Marc's question about the yellow Holdsworth not selling on eBay (item: 6541362290), only the orange and blue Pro's are really lusted after and therefore of any real monetary value. $450 for any other model/color Holdsworth is a long shot in my opinion.

Eric Elman
Somers, CT

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> Holdworth Pro's are relatively rare, even compared to say Masi GC's. They
> have a great racing heritage and are generally considered to be nicely
> crafted framesets. That combined with this one's nice original finish and
> a popular size all justify a "decent" price. That two people desperately
> want this one is where the seller is lucking out. If any of the variables
> I mentioned were different I would not feel the same but in my opinion +/-
> $1200 is about right for this framset. I was planning on bidding; I'm out
> though as to me, she has surpassed the price I was willing to pay (which
> is sometimes different than the general consensus on a frame or bikes
> typical market value).
> Eric Elman
> Somers, CT
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>> Could someone please explain why this frame on eBay is worth the price
>> it is currently standing at, other than that for some reason 2 people
>> seem to desperately want it?
>> &item=7167339729 .
>> Peter Brown. Lincolnshire, England