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Allora Tifosi: The leg pulling on fixed gears stopping was reasonably accurate, but dangerous. Unless you are around 20 years old and indestructable, I would suggest that you put a rear brake on your fixed if the front only is squirrely. If the ratio doesn't wind you out on the downhill, then maybe you had to walk up the other side. If you rode up and then started to let it go downhill and "wound it out" (that's a second free old term, in the interest of your corpus delecti, for this week) you better take care that your hip joint won't need replacement. On the flat, if you're going too fast and have to panic stop lifting the back wheel and stopping pedaling or reversing pedal stroke is VERY skilled and I would practice before going out in traffic. Either braze a bridge in for a rear brake or use the one in place to save your bod. Too hard backpedaling is way too hard on the legs and could be painful or harmful. I started learning on a fixed gear around Chicago back in '46 and we had a hell of a time winding out on the small hills. Anything more than a 1/4 mile, you're asking for trouble without a back brake. On small grades you can backpedal gently at the top while gloving your wheel, but it gets hot on the glove and your legs may not like it either. Remember you are going in the exact opposite of norm, and you might as well keep bending your finger back until it brakes. No pun. My dad's old 1938 Durkopp track bike has a second bridge brazed in just for that reason. If you have this classic bike you have to ride, do it on the flat and learn to glove your wheel properly. If you want to ride a fixed on longer undulating course rides than use the bridge or braze one in to save your life, hips and the pursuit of happiness. Get a bike you can adapt without slashing your wrists to make your riding safe When you are sober, do you drive around in first gear in your car until you blow the transmission? What the hell do you think you do to your hips and legs on long downhills or constant hard stopping in traffic. WAKE UP! 150-180 rpm isn't exactly what Darwin had in mind. Please don't try to emulate the messengers. If you're an underwriter don't insure them either. Smart bike riders DON'T tempt fate. I have, ve get too soon oldt, und too late schmardt. Live fast, die young, and having a good looking corpse is not a good creed. I guess the latex will get stretched into tomorrow again, sorry. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA