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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 05:56:13 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]masi and more listed


I'm getting ready to fall under a runaway lawnmower myself. I'm a ways past my every two year haircut schedule. It's getting hot in HELL CAJON! I'm going to weave my cutoffs into a hair extention I can wear in my armpits. Top that, Bob!

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA What does a haircut cost these days? Any one planning to run their John Deere this weekend?

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In a message dated 7/12/05 10:13:22 PM, Matteo writes:

> PS: Parts of the sales will go to
> the B.H.N.H.F (BOb HOvey New HAircut Fund), so bid high,bid often.

Nice gesture, Matteo... what a guy.

Ahh, the kindness of fellow CR members, what would we do without it? The donations have been rolling in, and this morning the total reached a sufficient amount to allow me to visit the barber. Four and a half hours later I left a happier and lighter man, carrying a bag of hair which I will soon be weaving into a nice Masi jersey.

Boy, it sure feels good to be able to get my helmet on again.

Only problem is, now my dog doesn't recognize me... wonder how long he's gonna stay under that couch?

Bob Hovey
Columbus, GA