Re: [CR]Reasonable Restored Masi Gran Criterium Frame - Any Advice, Da ta Appreciated, + a List of My other Rides

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Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 06:41:03 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Reasonable Restored Masi Gran Criterium Frame - Any Advice, Da ta Appreciated, + a List of My other Rides


Check the serial numbers. The one you mentioned probably isn't it, not that it will matter much. As is it is not a gold mine. Same after properly restored. If not done exactly right, restoration money is wasted. Even when done properly you will not recoup your expenses if you sell it, in all likelyhood. Better to sell as is (let the eBay buyers tell you what it's worth) and let the new owner decide how to restore it. That's my advice.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Enough Masis in the shop at all times to choke an elephant; therefore it is my policy to never paint one to look like a peanut. Save that for Jimmy Carter's Riverwhale.

-- "Jim Innes" wrote:

I have a 59-60 cm Masi Gran Criterium frameset, which is being restored I hope close to reality. It has a close enough to original solid red paint job, and an original decal set is being attached by a professional designer/bike mechanic. I haven't seen it in so long that my memory is shaky, but I believe the markings on the underside of the BB are 1976 MC. It was sold used at the old South Street Bike Shop in Phila. PA around 1979, bought by a friend of mine, horribly spray painted, and then 15 yrs later came back to me. Anyway, I have a enough old CA NR parts to build it up, but I am thinking about selling the frame it to finance other projects. I'd like to have some rough idea of the market for a piece like this before I just throw it up on eBay. Back when I was working at South Street, we we're never sure if "MC" stood for Masi Criterium or Mario Confente, as wasn't this around the time he was with Masi America?

I also have a very old Ricardo all 531 w/ new paint, no decals that I may unload also.

Just FYI for the list, my current built up bikes are:

1980 Tomassini, all CA SR except original Look pedals - my 2nd, the 1st cracked at the fr. Derailler braze-on, Lewis provided the replacement no hassle at the time, this was my main racing machine for a good 6 yrs, used in many big races like the Tour of Somerville, the high point of its career (and its rider's) was sitting on Greg LeMond's wheel for two full laps of the Central Park Loop during the 2nd Apple Lap race.

Early '90s Viner w/ Columbus SLX, mix of CA SR & NR

Cadex Ringle Carbon, mix of CA SR & Shimano 600

2002 Giant TCR Team aluminum w/ Shimano 105, Mavic Cosmos wheels

1981 Bianchi 3 tube Columbus SL bike (forgotten model name) w/ original Ofmega crank, built up as fixed gear w/ old Sugino Gran Compe brakes.

FYI, all of these get ridden at least 1x/mo.

In pieces:

Full pantographed 1979 DeRosa, repaint no decals

A very nice mid-80s Serotta repaint no decals, but w/ a badly cracked fork

A very nice Holdsworth sport touring bike, nice Harry Havnoonian paint job, no decals, w/ old Dura Ace crankset, Shimano 600 drive train, CA NR HF hubs, new Mavic heavy duty rime. Might be for sale, it's main virtue is that it is very stable at high speeds w/ loaded panniers on rear.

Any comments, advice, wise cracks much appreciated

Jim Innes