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Ted and Dan;

I haven't used tire wipers since the 70's but as I recall, the trick was to get them as close as possible to the tire... but not touching. They would still skim off thorns and glass and shards of metal, perhaps even larger particles of sand... but would not wear the tire or make any noise.

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA

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> Ted,
>     My anecdotal study conducted in the early 70s caused me to
> remove the tire wipes and learn how to do it by hand.  They removed tire
> tread at a rate I thought unacceptable.  I still have the tire wipes in
> one of my parts cans if anyone wants them.
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> I wonder if anyone has ever conducted a study to see how much wear (if
> any) these tire wipers have on the tire itself.  Seems to me that
> anything rubbing non-stop against a tire would eventually create a
> pattern of wear in one form or another.


> Ted E. Baer