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Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 04:49:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Thomas Adams" <thomasthomasa@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Baltimore Vintage Ride Report

It's Saturday, the 16th of July, the riders are arriving at the Classic Rendezvous ride start in Parkton, Maryland. Our gracious host Dan Artley has once more opened his home for a bunch of crazy bike riders to infest the place, do some riding, ogle some old steel and generally enjoy ourselves.

Not having the time to drive down the night before, I leave New Jersey at around 0500 hrs for the 200 mile trip. I arrive without incident around 0815, so I hang around at the local gas station so as to not intrude on Dan's slumbers. But after 20 minutes or so, I decide it can't hurt to drive by the house and see if anything is stirring. Well, a big crowd already! I pull in and start unloading.

Dan asked for extra bikes to be brought for show and tell, so I brought 4: the '49 Ephgrave, '54 Algurn, '82 Stan Pike and '05 Goodrich (that's 2005, a KOF bike). I was going to ride the Algurn, but the steamy weather and fitful spits or rain convince me to ride the Pike, equipped as it is with mudguards.

The weather was close indeed, and threatening rain as we get ready to go. How humid? When your sunglasses fog up while you're standing around before the ride, it's humid. The 10:00 ride starts right at 10:30, and immediately I'm rewarded for riding the Pike, which in addition to mudguards is packing a triple crank. Dan's house, of course, is in a valley, so any ride always starts with some climbing, and I'm painfully reminded of my flatland training grounds, advancing age and excessive poundage. But after a few miles the roads flatten and my blood pressure returns to normal and away we go.

Dan gave us some excellent maps and cue sheets, but Maryland is rather crowded with roads running catty corner and hither and yon. It's quite common to run into a knot of riders on the next intersection, conferring to establish the right route.

Everything is going swimmingly until around 17 miles, when the threatening rain finally starts falling. On my own at the time, I miss a turn and end up in a small town with no one around me. No problem though, as a friendly liquor store is there, so I duck in to check my now sodden map and ask for directions. Of course it's rude to take up the staff's time with no business done, so a quick pint passes over the counter while the clerk points me towards the next turning. Suitably refueled, I pilot the Pike back down the road thru the lingering drops. I'm probably the last one back, but at least I don't emulate Steve Maasland who last year turned the wrong way on the rail trail and invaded Pennsylvania.

Dan as usual put out an excellent apres ride spread of food and drink, and folks are mingling and talking all over the house and deck. We watch the end of Stage 14 (taped) as Lance ups his lead on the main challengers and then it's time to pack up for the trip home.

Before I sign off, congrats and thanks to Dan for another excellent ride. The hills beat me up everytime, but the scenery and company keep me coming back.

I think there were at least 30 folks there, but my memory is insufficient to even try a complete list. Here's a partial roster of names and bikes I can remember:

Harvey Sachs, Weigle (Wiggle) tourer Wayne Bingham, Custom Baylis mit Pacenti lugs Larry Osbourne, early '60's Carlton (lovely) Paul Lee, Italvega Super Corsa, Geoff Butler, Raleigh Pro Paul Raley, magnificent orignal Jack Taylor tourer Rita Lee, Raleigh International Dan Borden, Richard Sach Tourer, Viking, Jack Taylor Curve tube, Raleigh Professional Ken Sanford, Cinelli SC P.C. Koehler, 753 Team Pro Raliegh

I remember a bunch of other nifty bikes, but I can't put names to the owners so I'll leave that to the brethren to add in. Sound off if you were there, and tell us what you rode, and add to this list. Another great day of vintage riding!

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

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