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Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:59:12 -0700
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Subject: RE: [CR] Was: Tubulars, now: source for period-esque big clinchers...

>AFAIK, the Veloflex Master is a 170-gram 20 mm tire, no?
>The Pavé is 180 grams and 22 mm wide, I think.
>>From what I've heard, they are great tires....
>They are available in 700C only, though....
>Greg "two-tired" Parker
>Dexter, Michigan

It sure would be nice for many bikes, classic and modern, if a very lightweight, tan or gum sidewall, 700C x 28 or even 30 mm clincher tire were available. The Veloflex are lovely, but way too narrow for most riding around here.

Within the CR timeline, there were a lot of French randonneur bikes from the late 1940s onward that used tires like the above...

For now, I am mostly using Rivendell Rolly-Polys in 26-27 mm (the silly checkerboard tread pattern is much less noticeable in real life than on the photos) and some older Michelin Axial Raids in 25 mm. The latter don't work well on rough roads, as the casing breaks and you get blow-outs through the tread!

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