[CR]PY-10 is not PX-10

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Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 19:32:53 +0200
Thread-Topic: PY-10 is not PX-10
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From: "Feeken, Dirk" <dirk.feeken@sap.com>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]PY-10 is not PX-10

>PY-10 and PX-10s are an integral part of cycling
>history. They brought high-performance to the masses.
>It is naïve to expect a PY-10 to be as well crafted as
>a Baylis, since almost no bikes at that time were toiled
>over like a Baylis is today, and certainly not a
>moderately priced production racing bike.

Just to put it strait: The PY-10 was not a moderately priced production bike for the masses. Don't confuse it with the PX-10. While the PX-10 was a (very good) mass product the PY-10 was built individually for each customer in Peugeots special tiny "Prestige" Shop where also the team bikes have been built. The made to measure PY-10 was almost three times more expensive than the PX-10. According to "The Custom Bicycle" a lot of work went into each frame, but more on the design and planning part than in the actual build process. If anybody has expected a craftmenship of the frame comparable to a Colnago Super or Raleigh Team Pro, he might have been disappointed. Nevertheless the bike is very cool and I like the "overall look" more than that of the Raleigh.


Dirk Feeken