[CR]Peugeot naming scheme, was: PY-10 is not PX-10

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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 21:50:42 +0200
Thread-Topic: Peugeot naming scheme, was: PY-10 is not PX-10
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From: "Feeken, Dirk" <dirk.feeken@sap.com>
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Subject: [CR]Peugeot naming scheme, was: PY-10 is not PX-10

We've had this last year. The Peugeot numbers are not correlated to the gears: http://search.bikelist.org/getmsg.asp?Filename=classicrendezvous.10404. 1 584.eml


-- Dirk Feeken Heidelberg Germany

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Presumably the PY-12 was the 12-speed update of the 10-speed PY-10. I guess that would imply that the "10" in PX-10 stood for 10 speeds. I was never so sure about that, and the UO-8 was a 10-speed in the early 70's. By 1986, near the end of the Peugeots that we would consider "classic", they had evidently given up that methodology. In the catalog that came with my 1986 PZ(-10) (still lugged 531), the two top steel model were designated simply "PZ" and "PX".


Jerry Moos