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A six-speed gold Regina, I think a G.S.Corse model, was original equipment on my 1972 Raleigh RRA. Still have the bike but the freewheel has long since been replaced.

Dion Dyer, San Diego

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>> Can someone please provide a timeline for Regina
>> freewheels. I checked
>> the archives and found several discussions about Regina
>> but nothing
>> definitive. I would like to know years the following
>> freewheels were
>> available, the difference between them and how they
>> ranked: Corsa,
>> Extra, Oro, Extra Oro, 4-speed freewheels, 5-speed and
>> 6-speed, Regina
>> BX, CX and finally America.
> Richard et. al.; please accept this info in the spirit of
> discovery in which
> it was accumulated. I make no claims to the complete
> accuracy of this info -
> on the contrary, I hope my posting this will elicit
> corrections and editions. I
> was the person who put out the call for Regina Oro
> freewheel info a while
> ago. Might as well offer what I learned now - heck, I
> promised to send it to Greg
> Parker a while ago but have been remiss. Unfortunately, I
> have misplaced the
> emails from John Jorgensen that contained many of the most
> important bits, so
> memory will have to serve - again, corrections and
> additions welcome. I
> initially set out to sort the various Regina freewheels
> from the late 60s, early 70s
> as part of my '68 Cinelli restoration. I was mainly
> concerned about
> top-of-the-line Reginas. Here's my tentative
> understanding:
> Regina G.S. Corse - Gray freewheel body (or "grey" if it's
> on a Holdsworth),
> 1950s to about 1970 or 1971. I have one with what I
> believe is a 1955 date
> code. I think I saw a four-speed version on eBay not too
> long ago, but can't seem
> to find the listing now. These are date coded.
> Regina "G.S. Corse" - brass oro-type finish, but otherwise
> identical to gray
> G.S. Corse body (i.e. not marked "Oro"). 1972 (perhaps as
> early as late '71)
> to about 1973-4. I have one of these that came on the
> original wheelset for a
> 1972 Schwinn Paramount. No date codes.
> Regina "G.S. Oro" - brass finish, about 1974-1976. No date
> codes. At least
> one of these appeared recently on the 'Bay.
> "Regina Oro" - 1977 to 198_ (?) These have date codes. I
> have one from '79.
> Not sure how many speeds these came in (5, 6, 7?) My '79
> has a splined rather
> than the two-prong body - not sure when splines were
> introduced.
> I believe the gray "Corsa" was a lesser model; the Extra a
> better,
> lightweight, later version. Someone else will know.
> Hopefully this info, which intentionally centered around
> the Corse-Oro
> transition and pertinent models as a result of my Cinelli
> project, will help
> someone. It would be great if we could flesh it out even
> more - I know there's
> someone reading this who is sure his all-original '69
> Legnano came with a
> brass-finish Oro freewheel. And the archives indicate
> that Chuck Schmidt has a
> Holdsworthy catalog that mentions Oro freewheels being
> used in the '67 Tour. On the
> other hand, freewheels were/are such a common service
> replacement item that
> dates can be tough to determine from the bikes on which
> they appear.
> Again, most of the the credit goes to John J., with a nod
> to Harvey S.; the
> errors are mine.
> Ed Granger
> Gearing up for an Oreo timeline in
> Lancaster, PA