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Leave it to a german magazine to ask the right questions ...


> Let's give Eddy the last word:
> >>From Der Spiegel 7-11-05
> SPIEGEL: Armstrong is the most successful Tour de France racer of all
> time, but is he the best cyclist of all time?
> Merckx: You mean, is he better than I was? I don't like such comparisons
> -- too much has changed in bicycle racing.
> I regret the fact that the great champions like Armstrong and Ullrich only
> place value in the Tour de France anymore.
> If everyone thought like that, then we would only have to organize one
> bicycle race a year. My career didn't only
> consist of the Tour de France. I wanted to win as many bicycle races as I
> could. I was maybe the best rider during
> my time just as Lance is the best rider of his. It doesn't go any further
> than that.