[CR]Cool stuff for sale from Mike Kone

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From: <hersefan@comcast.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 04:39:51 +0000
Subject: [CR]Cool stuff for sale from Mike Kone

Hi CR folks,

Need to make some room so I've found some stuff for sale. Payment by check, shipping not included. Let me know if interested in anything, then I'll confirm its availability and let you know about shipping cost. Thanks! Mike


Lycett Swallow copy saddle. Never ridden but dirty, rivets corroded, label on top front side, and some corrosion on rails. But if cleaned up you get a vintage swallow with unridden leather and it has a 60 (the date) on the underside. Very cool. $ 75

Cinelli #4 Modern logo saddle - pretty well used but lots of life left. $ 18

Christophe Medium Modern logo toe clips. 5 pair. All new but some corrosion that seems to come off pretty easily (might end up with a trace at the rivet when done). The 5 pair for $20. Two sets of 5pr available.

Brake hoods for universal 61 levers. New in the box. Super soft. With gum barrel covers. $22 for the pair.

Christophe Small Modern logo toe clips. 5 pair. All new, quite gorgeous. The 5 pair for $18. Two sets of 5pr available.

Binda Toe straps two pairs - Red and also tan (off white?). New but not in wrapper. Very nice (plastic roller). $23 for the two pairs.

GB Super Hoods. Two pairs, one black, one white. Each pair in a bag, soft and nice. Selling the two pairs as one lot for $18 total

The very rare Campy "No Record" Record (just like NR) small flange hub pair. Well used, hubs are dry but axles run very smooth so should take a rebuild quite well. Some spacers on drive don't look original. Will include flat 5sp skewers. These have had a few builds on them so holes show wear, but should certainly have a few more builds left on them. $ 77 for the pair. Italian thread I believe.

1952 Sturmey Archer FM 40 hole rear hub new in the box. New but tad crusty. Has trigger and cable, many clips, but the indicator spindles are not in the box and other hardware might be missing too. but perfect for the sturmey fan who has them. Box is crusty but this is not an easy to find item. Has 16 tooth rear cog included $68.

Sticker mania - 3 TA crank stickers (foil black ones) and a Reynolds 531 Ti decal set with the larger 531 Ti fork decals. Not sure how easy to use, and not sure if the Reynolds decals are real or fakes. The package for $15 (this will include shipping in the US).

Cinelli clipless pedal hodgepodge - one pair pedals new but shopworn. One cleat new, one looks used, and one pedal has the dustcover missing. No other hardware. Good for bookshelf. $17.

Lyotard Platform pedals - kinda scruffy looking and very corroded bodies but spindles turn well. British threads. But, these have really cool GB stainless toe clips in nice shape - toe clips are nicer then the pedals. I should put them on my Hetchins but I'm lazy so buy the combo for $35

Durex 32/40 small flange track hub pair new. Very nicely made, appear to be british or Ital threads. About 113mm in the rear lock nut to lock nut. Could use some new grease I bet as these are very very old - but they spin quite nicely. $66

Thanks again!

Mike Kone in Boulder CO