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Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 22:45:03 -0700

Thank you all who responded to my last sale. All the listed items are sold except two Suntour fingertip pivot 3 piece bolt assemblies. I'll have another go in a little. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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Hi all, hopefully some little parts you need. All prices plus shipping costs.

1) Suntour Superbe NOS NIB gum rubber shift lever hoods. Fresh and soft. $4.00

2) Set Suntour frame mount shift levers, with cutouts. Above hoods are perfect for these. A little wiping and will look as new. $7.00

3) Set of 5 gold anodized chainring bolts, been on bike but look as new. $5.00

4) Set Weinmann NOS NIB #1680 semi-automatic brake adjusters, with the black dial / knob. $4.00

5) Set of 4 Scott / Mathauser NOS NIB Weinmann brake pads. $6.

6) Pair Weinmann NOS NIB part #'s 685 & 687. L wrenches 5 and 4mm for Carrera brake centering. $8.00 set of two.

7) Pair Huret white shift lever hoods NOS. Fresh. $4.00 set.

8) Suntour NOS fingertip pivot bolt, hex-nut, and dome locknut. Fresh and shiny. 14 available. First come first serve. $1.00 each.

9) Suntour NOS fingertip lever hood, or frame for that matter. Fresh, black. 9 available. First come first serve. $1.00 each.

10) Suntour used fingertip controls. One drilled for liteness, one not. Both in good working order. Drilled one has scratches from some fall. Use or part out. both for $8.00.

11) Modolo brake mounting kit NOS NIB. Has recessed allen sleeve / nuts, radius washers, anti-moustache cable end ferrules, set screws, and triangular decal. $5.00

12) OMAS NOS lightening assortment to fit Campy. Two Nuovo Record frame mount pivot bolts silver, 5 top mount seatpost bolts and pivot sleeve / nuts-4 black- one silver, two frame clamp bolts and nuts, three brake nuts, and one frame clamp nut, all silver, one single bolt Allen seat post seat rail fixing bolt silver. 21 pieces. $20.

13) Suntour fingertip pivot bolt remainders. 24 NOS hex nuts, 4 used bolts, 4 complete used pivot bolt sets, bolt, hex nut and dome locknut. $6.00.

Thanks for looking.
Ted Ernst
4140 Via Nivel
Palos Verdes Estates
CA 90274