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The fastest time was by Andre Chamal of France in 1979 he averaged 47.061kph. This classic race is famed with tragic and funny stories. He is one of many. 1930 Francis Pellisier came out of retirement in the hope of winning a special prize for the fastest finishing lap on the Paris track where the race finished. His brother and manager Henri came up with this wonderful scheme. Instead of changing to a track iron at the velodrome entrance as was the usual custom, they would do the change bikes at the top of the last hill to save time. All went well Francis was riding to the finish along side Georges Ronsee. After changing bikes. Pelissier then caught Ronsee before the track entrance and was a certain winner until disaster struck! An eager track attendant unaware of the Pelissier bike switch, rushed to help him dismount, grabbing his saddle and holding him as Ronsee sprinted past him to win! This was one of my favourite classic races made all the more magical when "Our Tom" (Tommy Simpson) won in 1963.

--- Aldo Ross wrote:

> Pic of the Day
> 27 July, 2005
> Emile Idée and his Derny
> 1949 Bordeaux-Paris
> Emile Idée in action behind his Derny during the
> 1949 Bordeaux-Paris. Note
> the long stem for that era! Idée would finish
> seventh, 15' 55" behind
> winner Jacques Moujica, who rode the 586kms in 17h
> 1' 49". From "But et
> Club" No.181, 30 May 1949.
> Click on pic for larger image.
> Aldo Ross
> BlueBall, Ohio
> Etats Unis