Re: [CR]WTB Stronglight 104 drilled 42t chainring(s)

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Subject: Re: [CR]WTB Stronglight 104 drilled 42t chainring(s)
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The 104 had a bcd of 122 mm, just like the 63, 93, and 105. Unlike the latter cranks, the 104 had five fluted arms, sort of like a Campagnolo NR/SR crank. All the others had the "opened star" shaped crank. A very nice example of the 104 can be found on the CR site, under "Peugeot". Wouldn't you know it--the bike is one of Jerry Moos' beautiful French bikes! Every 104 crank I have seen has "104" stamped near the pedal hole. Although they are more modern in appearance, and not as nicely finished, I have purchased some 122 bcd rings from You'll have to drill your own, because NOS drilled rings for these seem to be rare as rocking horse manure. If you find some, please let me know--I have gotten tired of trying to pick one up on ebay.

Galen Poole Jackson, MS beautiful day, just finished 30 miles on that poorly made PX-10

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Subject: [CR]WTB Stronglight 104 drilled 42t chainring(s)

> Listers: I took a bit of time and researched the crankset I have. It
> appears to be the 104 model. A similar one (105) model is depicted on the
> CR page. I would request one or more in VG condition.
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