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Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 20:28:33 -0400
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Notable about this is that the cranks and brakes were only available for a short period in the early 60's. So Spence must have bought a few and doled them out over the years. The cranks are neat because of the chainline adjustibility (not much, but you don't need much) and why Mafac stopped making the Top and Tiger brakes after they had the tooling I will never understand.

Joe Bender-Zanoni Great Notch, NJ wrote:
>My Cinelli SC which I purchased from Spence Wolf in 1969 Has TA Cottered/Cotterless Cranks Mafac Top "63" Brakes with Weinmann levers. The only Campagnolo items were the hubs, derrailuers, seat post, bottom bracket (part of it) and head set. Also the Pedals. Of course that was before Campagnolo had brakes so that part doesn't count.
>Rudy Norvelle
>San Jose, CA
>p.s. I still have all the original parts.
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>>Peter Kohler wrote, in part:
>>"Well folks can "believe" anything they want! But pray tell
>>what was non
>>Italian manufacture on most Italian racing bikes c.
>>1960-80s? My Cinelli SC
>>does have a Brooks saddle. The rest is tutti Italiani.
>>The only foreign bit on a PX-10 is what? Well the Reynolds
>>tubing! Or maybe
>>the Brooks saddle if that's what was fitted.
>>Today of course it's quite different but CR period bikes...
>>yep, that's
>>Italian. Or French. Not belief or opinion. Just the list of
>>Uh. Many Cinellis shipped out as frames only. Local shops
>>built them up to taste. I have a very interesting 1950s
>>Cinelli *B* formerly owned by Carsten Rehbein and Jack
>>Bissell that was built up by a famous Berlin shop (name
>>escapes me at the moment, the bike is not available for me
>>to check), with a mix of stuff. It's exactly as pictured in
>>the shop's catalog of the time. Simplex TdF derailleurs,
>>with a suicide front, among other things. This bike won
>>best-in-show at the 2004 Cirque. Hardly all-italian in any
>>This continued well into the 60s... Spence Wolff built up
>>many Cinelli frames with a mix of parts, including Phil Wood
>>hubs, if I remember right. Someone correct me if I don't...
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