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Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 19:37:43 -0600
From: Ed Lutz <>
Subject: Re[2]: [CR]Ken Toda's photo's
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> My own studio setup uses nylon fishline to hang the bike from above.
> This, however wouldn't work for Ken's setup, 'cause he uses tungsten
> light (light bulbs) not studio flash. It would take too long to get
> the bike set up and to get it to stop swinging back and forth...the
> tungsten light requires fairly long exposures if you want the lens
> stopped down far enough to give good depth of field.

In the motorcycle world we use a small prop stand to hold up bikes for studio shoots. Its just a short piece of either wood doweling (large diameter for a motorcycle) or aluminum bar stock. On a motorcycle you just find a solid place to stick the prop stand so the bike stays upright. Sometimes an off side foot peg, or often the rear axle nut. If you position it all correctly the stand isn't visible. It would be harder to hide a stand behind a bicycle but if the prop stand was small enough it wouldn't detract from the picture as much as a large shop stand.

Loveland, CO.