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Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 14:39:40 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Re-newed interest in the classic steel frame and other ramblin gs


Each builder's demographics will depend on a number of things. A certain amount on where they are located. Much based upon on what type of frames they build, and lastly how much they cost and what the wait time is.

Every builder is doing things a little differently. I haven't taken any orders for several years because I don't want to make my backlog any longer until I catch up, which is happening as we speak. I turn down at least 10 times the amount that I accept. Many don't need to be turned down once they find out the wait time. That's because they don't really know what they are waiting for. That works for me.

I could take more orders, a LOT more, but what's the point if I can't get to it? I'll remain selective and make sure that every frame is a materpiece and a one of a kind. Most builders do not and can not afford to operate like this. I may be unique in this way. I do not need more orders.

The buyers, in my case only a few per year, are individuals who actually know what I'm doing as a builder and will accept no other frame as a substitute for having one. They have many fine bikes and probably own the work of other custom builders, but have come to realize that what each builder does is unique, and having something from several "masters" is like dining in fine resturaunts; each experience is delightful but different. Eventually one decides on a favorite. One cannot decide on a favorite by just looking at the food. Taste it, experience it, make it a part of you, and get to know the chef.

Never mind the income demographics. If they are wise enough to seek out the real deal, the money probably isn't an issue. The few that are successful are persistant and patient. Sometimes that's what it takes to end up with something that many people may want but haven't focused upon acquireing.

BTW, I think the only people who are curious about this information are looking for a justification to discount the value of the people on the CR list, insofar as buyers of custom frames. Who cares? I don't. This list is for what it is. It's not a sales tool for framebuilders. It's a list for people who like classic, and apparently upon occassion, modern lugged steel frames. Who ever said anyone on the list was oblogated to even like us framebuilders, much less buy something. I'm here for the kicks.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA The real artist does what they do because they are destined to do so. The rest are just salesmen.

-- "nick zatezalo" wrote:

Guess some of these questions are for those holding the torch and file.

Are you taking more orders?

Who are these buyers?

What is the demographics of the buyers?

Seems at least one icon has abandoned the lugged steel frame. Rumor has it Serotta will discontinue production of the CSi soon.

I've never purchased the output of a craftsman prior to buying into them as a person.

Nick Zatezalo