Re: [CR]FS: 60's Cinelli SC -some notes

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Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 13:30:55 -0700
From: Kurt Sperry <>
To: HM & SS Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FS: 60's Cinelli SC -some notes
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Very interesting bike, Cupertina specced some to me weird parts on the Cinellis they sold. Isn't that a Mod. B decal on the seat tube? Looks essentially the same as a Speciale Corsa to me.
   Kurt Sperry Bellingham WA
> wrote:
> While you are visiting my pictures at yahoo, I put up some of my 60 cm
> 1960 Cinelli SC, which after two decades in my garage is still looking fo r a
> restoration. Don't blame me for the condition of those lugs, it's been in
> arrested decay like that since I bought it. Anyway, it has those uber rar e
> steel Cinelli bars & stem, the old logo hbar shifters, the dovetail
> Stronglight (semi?) cotterless crank and a chrome plated stoppered record
> front derailleur, tied & soldered wheels (front? why?) and Top 63's among
> other goodies. As pictured, $1500 and I will pay to ship it to the US48 o r
> knock off $50 if you want to retrieve it. It came from Cupertino and it i s
> on the C registry/ Wolf logs.
> --