[CR]Re: brake hood repair

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Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 21:48:05 +0200
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Subject: [CR]Re: brake hood repair


not all super glues will work with rubber. Try LOCTITE 406. This glue is flexible after drying, and especially made for rubber and plastic. I have glued Campagnolo hoods , and it works great.

The same procedure with LOCTITE 401 didn't work.

Thomas Reitz Wiesbaden, Germany

Today I hate brake hoods. I bought a nice pair of Modolo non-anatomics to put on some Campy SR levers. I have done this before with no problem. I get them wet and soapy, slip the lever part through, then stretch the top of the hood to fit over the top of the lever body. Well, last night one of my nice NOS Modolos split while I was doing this, just ripped wide open. Frustrating to say the least.

So what now? Obviously, I can try to find another hood, or pair.

Is there a way to repair the rip? I tried super glue, and let it sit overnight, but this morning the glue didn't hold. Maybe some super glues are better than others.

Is my technique bad? is it better to put the lever body through first?

Some time ago, someone had leather hoods made. How did those turn out? Are there any available?

Given the shortage of hoods, and their limited lifespan, is there anything that can be put on them to make them last longer?

Wondering if I will ever finish this project, that initially seemed so
Marcus Helman
Huntington Woods, MI