[CR]Re: brake hood repair

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Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 22:07:36 -0400
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Subject: [CR]Re: brake hood repair

Back in the last century, I tried molding replacement brake hoods for Suntour Superbe aero levers with Smooth-On molding rubber. They have different types of molding rubber which can be brushed on and used for repairs such as tears and rips, so Marcus' torn hood might not be a lost cause.

Take a look at the Smooth-On site (www.smooth-on.com) and one of their rubber formulations might be just the thing. Using a molding rubber to repair a tear might be better than using an adhesive because the repair material is more or less the same substance with similar elasticity.

I gave up on my hood molding project as life got in the way. It was quite complicated and involved making negative and positive molds to cast a sleeve with interior ribs that is the hood. On top of that, I was never quite sure which was the best molding rubber to use for resistance to sweat, oils, water, UV, atmosphere etc. The great redeeming factor is that having the casting molds is the Power of the Press.

Chee-Heng Yeong Providence Tropicalis, R.I.

>not all super glues will work with rubber.
>Try LOCTITE 406. This glue is flexible after drying,
>Thomas Reitz
>Wiesbaden, Germany
>Today I hate brake hoods. I bought a nice pair of Modolo non-anatomics to
>of the hood to fit over the top of the lever body. Well, last night one of
>my nice NOS Modolos split while I was doing this, just ripped wide open.
>Frustrating to say the least.
>Marcus Helman
>Huntington Woods, MI